Oklahoma Humanities hired us on to capture the magic of Curiosity Fest, one of their premiere programs. This event takes place annually in Downtown Oklahoma City and offers a wide variety of learning opportunities presented in entertaining and engaging ways. It’s just as intriguing as it sounds.

As innovators ourselves, we love what Curiosity Fest stands for: hosting interactive, inspiring sessions to help attendees learn in unconventional ways, think outside the box and connect with likeminded people. Session topics range from race relations and Native culture to music and storytelling, so there’s truly something for anyone with a creative spark. We enjoyed bringing their story to life.


The video produced for our Curiosity Fest was awesome. Everyone who has seen it has been blown away by the professional quality both in photography and editing. I never could have imagined our event being portrayed so well. We were hoping for a good tool to promote our next year's festival and I'm confident that this video will help us be successful!