We believe in donating work to worthy organizations that make our community a more vibrant place to live and thrive. One organization that won our hearts is the Oklahoma City Girls Art School. They are an after-school visual arts program for at-risk elementary and middle school girls who can really benefit from being given a creative outlet and voice. They seek to inspire these girls to become more confident, imaginative, tolerant, kind and generous citizens.

As fellow creatives, these values mean a lot to us. We wanted to produce a piece that showcases the meaningful work they do, educates audiences about their programs, and solicits donations so they can keep empowering our city’s most underserved but utterly deserving girls.


Spectrum created a stunning video for Oklahoma City Girls Art School. James Harber and his team are creative, talented, passionate about their jobs and extremely professional. James took my idea and gave me a piece of art. Highly recommend Spectrum.